Our Administrative team

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JAHL online is a winning and innovative studio, an adult entertainment company. Our main goal is for people worldwide to communicate and interact with professional models broadcasting live through video chat. Our history is based on a great path of professional experience, lots of nominations and international awards. We are the best studio in Valle del Cauca, Colombia and Latin America. We are a training school for models, very well known all over the world, that guarantees the highest income. We have a valuable - qualified administrative staff, comfortable suitable rooms and state-of-the-art technology.


About us?

We are an adult entertainment company based in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia with 7 years of experience in the industry. Our  administrative staff is conformed by our CEO (Julian Herrera), personal trainers, computer engineers, psychologists, graphic designers, videographers and photographers. We are all focused on providing our models with the best training system possible, opportune assistance and respectful confidentiality. Our main activity is video chatting, we consider it the perfect scenario for the interaction between models and users, an atmosphere of pure eroticism is the engine that drives us. Our everyday goal is to contribute to professionalize our models.

Our Mission

Our mission at JAHLONLINE STUDIO S.A.S. is to enhance the talent of the models we represent, individually adapting to the model through advice, training and accompaniment, we have an excellent group of professionals who strengthen this work such as psychologists, administrative and financial consultants, image consultants, producers, photographers, publicists , trainers, makeup artists and stylists; We offer the highest quality services through cutting-edge technology, comfort and safety for our users, we support our models in their professional and personal growth, promoting a new approach to their lifestyle, encouraging them to develop inspiring careers with transparency and fairness to achieve solid personal, social and business benefits.

Our vision

JAHLONLINE STUDIO S.A.S. will continue to be the best and most recognized study of models in America and the world for the year 2025, with the highest quality standards in the services we offer, identifying itself by its proactivity and capacity to respond to changes and expectations of the industry we will achieve a greater record of international triumphs; Our main objective is to support the comprehensive training and education of our models, contributing to the respect of their profession, projecting their own style in their image and thus impacting their professional and social environment; The key value of our company is to continue to improve every day.


  • TEAM WORK: Thanks to the excellence in the work of our team, we manage to deliver a service with high quality standards to our clients. RESPECT: We act in a correct and attentive manner, respecting all customers, suppliers and members of our company.

  • TRUST: We are a company that develops its services based on established processes with total transparency, fully respecting all our clients and collaborators.

  • SERVICE: It is the responsibility of all areas of our company to provide comprehensive care aimed at meeting the expectations of internal and external customers, with the satisfaction of our users as a priority.