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Cali - Colombia  - Cel: (57) 301 543 19 20

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Our administrative team

JAHL online, a winning and innovative studio, an adult entertainment company, our main objective is to communicate and interact with people of the world over the internet with live broadcasts through video cameras with professional models. Our history is formed by a wide trajectory of professional experience, of nominations and international triumphs. We are the best studio in Valle del Cauca, Colombia and Latin America. We are a model training school, recognized worldwide and generating high income. We have a valuable and qualified administrative staff, spacious, comfortable rooms and state-of-the-art technology.


About us?

We are a company dedicated to adult entertainment virtually with 7 years of experience in the middle and which is based in the city of Cali, we have an administrative organization composed of manager talent developers, systems engineer, psychologist and  a  area of Design, video and photography. All focused on providing our models with the best and most timely assistance, training and comfort. Our main activity is the video chat which we consider as a scenario of interaction between models and visitors an erotic atmosphere and eroticism is the engine that drives us.Demystify our work is our goal every day we try to professionalize our models.



Our mission as JAHL online studio is to bring adult entertainment through video chat internationally safely for our models and customers. Through our technological platforms we provide excellent communication and interactivity, Through our technological platforms we provide excellent communication and interactivity, we give advice and benefits for the personal and professional growth of our human team, generating direct employment and permanent training, thus creating an important economic boost for our region and country.

JAHL online studio wants to continue being one of the best and recognized erotic video chat studios in Latin America and the world, following a trajectory of international triumphs and awards, we will continue supporting the work of our models in an integral way, follow the technological rhythm that demands us the industry to meet the needs of our customers. An important value as a company is to improve ourselves every day.

What is a video chat?

Video chat is a way of communication, paid or free, between two people. with a webcam connected to the computer. What is the paid variant of the video chat, the activity is developed between the client and a video chat model or an operator (depending on the type of discussion). The paid video chat can be in different ways: With adult content; in which models and customers can talk and interact in private.