In this video of #ciudadExtrema, our model # VivíaneCárter speaks of her vision of #modelaje #webcam and shares a bit of her experiences in our studio. https://youtu.be/2rZqi13cA7k

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Selena Bella

AGE: 26 years
PAGE: LiveJasmin
ANTIQUITY: 5 years
WORK HOURS: 7 hours x day
AVERAGE $: 25,000 USD -monthly
I am Selena Bella, I am a girl that I have learned to make an extroverted and sensual woman, I earn a lot of money with which I have realized my dreams, I help my family, I spend on what I want and I have my time, being a webcam model has been better that has happened to me. I can study, travel around the world since I have won several international awards, I am admired and famous in the middle, my name is highly recognized in the world, this also allows me to earn extra money through other pages, encourage you to link As a model, take the opportunity.

Abby Wolf

AGE: 25 years
PAGE: LiveJasmin
ANTIQUITY: 4 years
WORK HOURS: 7 hours x day
AVERAGE $: 12,000 USD -monthly
Hello, my name is Abby Wolf, being webcam model is a very special experience, it has allowed me to improve as a woman, I have met interesting people and at the same time I am admired, and best of all I earn very good money doing what I like.
I have participated and been a winner in several international awards, this has allowed me to meet several countries in the world, it has been a very satisfactory and very beautiful experience, thanks to my high income I have been able to fulfill my dreams, including helping my family, buy a house, a car, study, walk and save for my future




AGE: 24 years
PAGE: LiveJasmin
ANTIQUITY: 2 years
WORK HOURS: 7 hours x day
AVERAGE $: 18,000 USD -monthly
Hi, I'm ElenaClarck, my short career as a model has allowed me to be the winner of several international awards, I'm famous worldwide, I have a high income, I have free time to study and dedicate them to my family and friends. I really enjoy what I do, I love meeting people and interacting with them, the recognition that I have could not have achieved without this wonderful work, I can achieve what I set out to achieve my goals is much easier with the high income I earn , I invite you to join this beautiful experience.